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Your Path to Healthier Roses Starts Here

 Use this free rose care guide - before you apply rose disease treatments - to encourage good blooms.


Dear Rose Enthusiast,

Are your roses – in the ground or containers - not blooming like you hoped they would during the growing season? What do your roses look like?

Have you looked at your roses only to see your rose bush littered with holes likely caused by a pest? Do you have black spot or powdery mildew?

You’ve maybe read or browsed through different rose guides on rose disease or black spot and found them to be too difficult to understand. Not to mention their list of solutions is often incomplete.

So many rose care guides – especially regarding insects and rose disease – seem too academic. It’s as if they assume you already know a lot about the topic. Or they just want to you to be impressed by the breadth of their technical knowledge.

But here it’s about helping you…

If you would like to:

         1. Have healthier rose bushes

         2. Find chemical solutions that won’t destroy non-predator insects

         3. Learn about organic treatments that are safer than chemicals

Then I’ll show you how to have less frustration and get more satisfaction out of your roses. All by using a simple and easy to understand guide that will help you discourage pests and care for infested roses.

The bees are your friend! Why some pests should be encouraged.

You’re going to learn how to discourage pests from eating your rose bushes. Also, I’ll teach you how to get control of rose diseases if they do get into your roses.

Best of all you’re going to save money and time by knowing the correct solution to use in the most common situations.

First of all, you’ll need to get to know the different pests and rose diseases so you can properly identify a problem. You’ll have to learn how to inspect your rose bush – then clearly gauge its condition – and then you’ll be able to know what’s affecting it.


           - How to encourage the “good” insects

           - Lists of different pests – learn which pests are most likely to ruin a rose bloom.

            - Details of the most common rose diseases, including black spot

           - Prevention and Corrective measures

Spider mites… aphids… black spot on your roses… downey mildew… and even deer! All of these and more can seriously harm your roses, preventing a healthy bloom.

Organic vs. Chemical Solutions. Systemic vs. Topical. Which one is appropriate for any given situation you might face? How is it best to apply these solutions?

Every step of the way it’s important to remember the bigger picture… and that’s having a healthier rose garden that gives you beautiful and bigger blooms… and overall more enjoyment with your roses!

Caring for your roses is enjoyable when you've got the right tools to discourage pests and rose disease.

If you’re fed up with seeing your roses not reach their potential… or if you want to have more quality time with your roses, instead of always having to nurse unhealthy roses and wondering if you’re doing the right thing….

Then having the right rose care guide and tools will turn that around for you. Because when most of your roses are healthy and in bloom you’ll feel better about your garden – big or small, ground or containers - and you’ll look forward to working on your roses.

At that point, nature becomes an enjoyable friend because not only are you doing things that will bring picturesque roses… but you’ll know that it will likely continue.

But if something happens that temporarily pauses healthy blooming, like a pest infestation or black spots on your roses, you’ll know how to identify the likely cause and what to do next.

See your roses in a new and fun way.

Do not order any rose pest or disease guide unless it meets the following 3 criteria.

       1.     Any rose care guide must be easy to understand, especially for beginners.

So-called complete books on rose care make it seem really difficult. This is because they want you to just depend on them. So info is often limited and incomplete, with just little bits of truly useful tips here or there making you come back for more and more… or funneling you towards buying expensive products you might not really need.

But caring for roses isn’t that hard!

       2.     A good rose care guide on pests or anything else, must have good illustrations or pictures.

That said, it’s not practical or possible to take a picture of each and every single pest or rose disease.

But, too many rose books I’ve read have a limited list of pests and little or no illustrations at all!

On the other hand, some books have too many pictures – and not much useful info – or pictures that are irrelevant to the problem you’re trying to solve. In other words, a rose care guide claiming to help you solve pest issues but instead just fills the book with pictures of healthy roses isn’t very helpful.

       3.     You’ll need more than just a few solutions!

When it comes to pest and rose disease solutions, too many books will leave you wanting more. They’ll just float one or a couple of “solutions” out there as if one size can fit all.

So much of it depends on identifying the specific pest… then deciding if an organic or chemical solution is the right application to use… then demystifying the many solutions available so you can figure which one is best capable of getting rid of the pest… then knowing how and the best times to apply it.

Incomplete information just won’t cut it for you!

Two Reasons to Believe What I Say

Like you, I have a love and passion for roses! They are an absolute joy in my life!

I have my own garden that I take care of. And like you, I’ll do whatever I can to care for my roses and keep them healthy.

I care deeply about the rose community, a.k.a. “rosarians” – yes, that is a term we use – and I want only what is best for your roses.

Secondly, my experience taking care of roses at public gardens has given me the opportunity to learn from some of the smartest gardeners around.

This experience has taught me how to prune properly, how to handle black spot, how to deal with pests, and a lot more.

I want to share that knowledge and experience with you here!

How to Beat Rose Pests

It’s best to have a simple and easy-to-understand guide that teaches you how to prevent and get rid of rose pests. So let’s focus on the 6 key things you must do to accomplish this goal.

       1.     Prevent rose pest problems before they start.

There are many things you can do to help prevent insects from getting to your roses. Learning best practices here will encourage more healthy blooms and save you from having to spend time on the following steps.

       2.     Identification of pest damage.

You have to know what specifically is affecting your rose bush before you can begin to treat it. I’ll show you how to inspect your rose bush and know its condition so you’ll apply the right solution, escaping further damage. 

       3.     How to use beneficial insects to your advantage.

Learn why seeing an insect might not be such a bad thing. How to encourage good insects and prevent the bad insects.

       4.     Biological and organic solutions.

Which organic solution is appropriate for any given situation you might face with insects? Here is where you learn how to get rid of those pesky insects - safely - so your roses can once again bloom.

       5.     Chemical pesticides.

What if the organic solution doesn’t work? You’ll still want to get rid of those pests won’t you? Sometimes the organic solution doesn’t always work because the insect infestation is just too advanced by the time you catch it.

Here is where you’ll learn about the heavy solutions that are almost guaranteed to work.

       6.     Pest Specifics

What is hurting your roses? This might seem like it would take a long time to learn but it helps to have a reference guide for the different types of insects out there that could hurt your roses.

No rust. No rose disease. Clear up black spot.

                   How to deal with black spot

Learn solutions and specific prevention techniques.

                   How moisture can affect your roses

Spot problems before they occur.

                   No rust. No rose disease.

Prevention and solutions.

                   Earth-friendly organic solutions are revealed

So you can care for your roses and be clean about it.

Don’t just take my word for it… here is what some of our customers have had to say about my rose care guide.

“ is the best rose information around for beginners. It’s easy-to-understand and simple to use.”   – Debbie from Alberta, Canada.

“Thank you for your rose care guide and newsletter. I’m finding it very helpful. Keep up the good work!”    – John from Boise, ID.

 “I have a Tiffany rose bush that’s had so many problems this summer. Many leaves have holes in them and there were little green insects crawling all over the rose buds, preventing a healthy bloom. I thought I might just have to extract and replace the whole rose bush. But Harriet’s guide showed me that is was rose slugs and how to get rid of them. Now, the Tiffany is blooming just as beautifully as ever!”   – Rick from Portland, OR.

A healthy rose bush will mean a lot to you too!

Many books that supposedly teach you how to deal with pests and rose disease only offer partial information. And they’ll often charge you more than what that information is really worth.

But here we’re about helping you solve real problems by giving you real answers you can use now.

This guide I’ve put together for you is taken from hours upon hours of my own research and the research of master gardeners I’ve learned from.

Just that time alone is literally worth thousands!

Also, my actual experience volunteering at public gardens has been priceless.

And that is my gift to you here…

When you’re caring for your own roses, you’ll learn best by experience.

But, you need a good rose care guide to point you in the right direction and to show you how fun it really is to care for your roses.

I’ll be that rose care guide for you!

All the hours and hours of my experience and research… worth thousands of dollars of my time… is now available to you electronically whenever you want it.

All so you can start enjoying a healthier rose bloom!

Don’t Let Your Roses Bug You!

When you get this free rose care eBook “Don’t Let Your Roses Bug You!” you’ll learn a flexible and yet simplified approach to preventing and solving insect and rose disease issues.

You will get six chapters of easy-to-understand and computer accessible insect fighting tips and solutions in PDF format that help you care for your roses easier.

       1.     Prevent rose pest and rose disease problems before they start.

       2.     Identification of pest and rose disease damage.

       3.     How to use beneficial insects to your advantage.

       4.     Biological and organic solutions.

       5.     Chemical solutions.

       6.     Pest specifics: Which insect is hurting your roses and how you can deal with it.

Also included will be photos or drawings plus specific descriptions of pests and the rose damage they cause so you can have a helpful visual reference of the most common pests or rose diseases.

In addition to those valuable rose care tips, we’ve included a brief pep talk that will encourage you to see your roses in a fresh and fun way. In other words, do you really need “perfection” with your roses? I think you can have a wonderful rose garden without each and every rose bush being “perfect”.

With “Don’t Let Your Roses Bug You!” always there to help you out in case of an insect infestation or rose disease, you’ll always know what to do and how to fix whatever issue occurs.

So you’ll be able to really start enjoying your rose care experience again and encourage bigger blooms. Then once they’re cared for, you can start smelling the roses around your own home and get busy relaxing.

How to Get Your Free Rose Care eBook
"Don't Let Your Roses Bug You!"

Quick PDF Download

So go ahead and just try it out! It's free!

Even though I get lots of mail I would love to hear from you, telling me stories about how you got rid of a pest or black spot and showing me pictures of your healthy rose blooms.

Enjoy your roses!

Warmest regards,

Harriet Ottaviano

P.S. – Wish you had healthier roses? Want to have more quality time with your rose garden or containers?

Then try our free easy-to-understand eBook guide Don't Let Your Roses Bug You! because you’ll learn how to effectively deal with the rose pests and rose disease so you can start having more quality time with your roses.

Click one of the links above to get your free PDF copy now!

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