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It's Easy, You Can Prune Your Roses!

Before you try pruning or deadheading your roses - try this free rose care guide - so you'll encourage repeat blooms during the summer!

FROM: Harriet Ottaviano

Dear Rose Enthusiast,

You’ve maybe looked at your rose garden this summer and wondered why only one bloom?

Or, you’ve thought the health and look of your roses – in a container or garden – seems beyond your control.

That’s probably because you’re wondering how to prune your roses… or when is the best time to prune roses… or is it too late to prune your rose bushes?

Perhaps you’re hesitant to even prune at all because you’re afraid of making a mistake.

That’s why I've started this website for you. You’re about to discover the secrets to saving money, saving time, and adding more enjoyment to your rose care experience by getting the proper instructions for pruning and deadheading a rose bush.

You will:

  • See repeat bloomers during the summer
  • Keep your rose plants under control
  • Encourage the size of the rose bloom

You’re going to have less frustration and more satisfaction out of your roses.

Pruning your roses is a lot more fun once you know what you’re doing.

Like you, I’ve had challenges with my roses that I’ve had to overcome.

Also, I've noticed that many people are searching for rose care solutions but not finding many good results.

Many other rose care guides are too technical or academic. They assume you already know certain things about how to prune a rose. This can make their guide tough to understand, especially for a beginner.

Remember, even the most experienced “rosarian” started out as a beginner. However, most guides assume you’re already at an advanced level.

I want to simplify it for you.

I’ve learned what to do and what not to do when pruning roses from my own experiences and I’ve learned from some of the smartest gardeners around while volunteering at public rose gardens.

These rose care tips will be shared with you too.

Also, now that I've discovered how to care for roses they are an absolute joy in my life. I have my own that I tend to and I often take care of my friends roses too. Just like you, I’ll do whatever I can to care for my roses and keep them healthy.

Like any good “rosarian” – yes, it’s a real name rose enthusiasts give each other! – I want only what is best for your roses.

All of us need a vacation. So do your roses.

Really, your roses need a little rest and relaxation from time-to-time.

Pruning your rose bush starts the plant’s biological clock so that it will bloom at the optimum time, approximately 6 – 8 weeks after awakening from dormancy.

Here is a brief summary of the benefits you can look forward to:

  • Learn the different types of pruning

    You may hear of different types of pruning. It’s true, there are different pruning techniques. I'll explain to you what the pruning techniques are, including the one called “deadheading”.
  • Do you live in a warm or cold climate?

    In some climates rose plants go into what is called “summer dormancy”. We'll include information on dealing with that issue too.

  • Also, it’s quite possible to provide winter protection for your roses without digging them all up and moving to Florida. And remember, one of the most important things you can do for the winter safety of your roses is to keep them in good health during the summer.

Pruning roses is the right thing to do!

Knowing the different types of pruning and how to prune roses using all techniques is a major key to your roses being a healthy and blooming success.

  • Pruning vs. “Deadheading”

    Yes, “deadheading” is a rose care term and cutting technique. And it’s different from just pruning.

    Both are vital to learn how to do properly if you wish to maintain a healthy garden so you can enjoy your roses more fully.
  • “Why” and “When” you need to prune your roses

    Knowing how and when to prune different varieties of roses will help you maintain a healthy rose bush and encourage more blooms.

How to Prune and Deadhead Roses

If it were as simple as just cutting a rose stem everyone would be an expert and you wouldn’t have many questions about it.

We'll show you the proper cutting technique for both rose pruning and deadheading.

Plus, you’ll be let in on the secrets of how to prune different types of roses. There are different approaches to pruning depending on the actual rose you have whether it’s hybrid teas, climbers, a tree rose, or other varieties.

When you know the different approaches to pruning different roses you will save time, money, and save yourself from the frustration of making a crucial mistake during peak rose season.

Also, it’s important that you learn how to select and care for the right rose pruning tools.

A clean cut will help keep your roses healthy and blooming. I'll show you what the best tools for the job are.

Don't just take my word for it...
Listen to what others are saying about
my rose pruning guide.

“I’ve got one rose bush and several containers in my front yard. I used to just let the roses go… no cuts or pruning in the winter, I thought things would just be taken care of naturally… and then when spring and summer rolled around I wondered why my rose bushes weren’t blooming properly.

But now after reading Harriet’s eBook I can easily spot a rose that needs pruning or "deadheading" and I know how to prune properly, so now my rose blooms are consistent and healthy. ”

- Paul, from Portland OR.

“I actually met Harriet at a rose garden where she was working. While she was pruning roses there I asked her how she knew what roses needed to be cut. I also told her I was afraid to prune my rose bush because I thought I might do something wrong that would damage the rose bush.

She was very nice and her answers very simple and they worked! Her pruning guide is easy-to-read and it was just like chatting with her in the garden that day. Most importantly, it’s a truly helpful guide on rose pruning that will make tending to your garden effective and fun!”

- Susan, from Cypress CA.

Revealing the truth on rose care...

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you two criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any rose bush care and maintenance solution you obtain:

  1. You must learn the difference between pruning a rose and “deadheading”.

    And, how these terms apply to different types of roses.

    Like I said earlier, all of us need rest and vacation. So does your rose bush. Knowing what kind of rest to give them – prune or “deadhead” – is critical to your success in encouraging healthy rose blooms.

    Any rose care guide that gives you pruning tips must show you the different types of pruning. Truth is many just don’t.
  2. Any guide that includes pruning must show you the proper tools and how to care for those tools.

    Why? Well, any “how to take care of roses” book should do it. But a lot of them don’t. Maybe they think it’s so obvious to them that you already know the answer.

    Also, many rose books give you pages and pages of beautiful rose photographs but they devote only a few pages to the care your plants need in order to make them beautiful.

    Don’t misunderstand me, rose care photographs are included here and they’re always nice to look at.

    But pages and pages of rose pictures do you no good when all you want is to learn how to prune roses properly.

How much is a healthy rose bloom
worth to you?

Here it’s about making sure your roses stay healthy and that good blooms are repeatedly encouraged.

Like you, I have my own roses that I care for and I feel like I need to care for my friends roses too! Whenever I see roses at my sons house that look like they need deadheading I can't resist, out come the pruning shears and I get snippy!

Also, I’ve volunteered at public rose gardens where very experienced gardeners have taught me valuable tips I would like to pass on to you here.

So I’ve discovered what works and what has a practical chance of working. I know what doesn’t work when it comes to pruning your roses.

I want to share that knowledge with you!

I love roses… and I love looking at other peoples roses. I visit gardens often and nothing makes my day brighter than seeing a beautiful rose bloom.

So like you, I want only what is best for your roses.

“Pruning Your Roses: The Kindest Cut of All”

In summary, here’s what you get:

  • You’re going to receive a free rose pruning eBook guide titled “Pruning Your Roses: The Kindest Cut of All” that gives you step-by-step instructions for pruning your roses!
  • It’s a simplified and easy-to-read guide that shows you how to prune roses.
  • Caring for your roses has never been easier!

So let’s review what you’re going to get:

You’ll receive a free rose care eBook guide titled “Pruning Your Roses: The Kindest Cut of All”

Inside your pruning eBook you’ll get 6 chapters of easy-to-read and simplified info on how to keep your roses healthy with proper pruning technique, including helpful photos and diagrams.

  1. Pruning vs. “Deadheading”
  2. Why You Need to Prune
  3. When You Need to Prune
  4. How to Prune Roses and “Deadhead”
  5. Selection and Care of Tools
  6. Different Roses = Different Approaches to Pruning

This valuable information will be available to you whenever you want it, 24/7 on your computer and compatible devices. You can save it to your computer desktop, print it out, go back to its web location anytime, or view it on compatible e-readers.

Also, it has a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license so feel free to share it, remix it, and redistribute it yourself just as long as it's non-commercial and you attribute it to us. Follow the link below for more on this exciting way to share content.

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